April 11, 2005

A Taste of Things to --*giggle*-- Come

So, I'm well aware that my blog output lately has been far from prolific and even further from stellar. It's because I've had very regular deadlines all term and haven't had too much time to spare.

But never fear! From this Thursday I will be a (more or less) free man, and have all sorts of grand plans lined up for my coming months of leisure, including:

1. Extensive coverage of the upcoming British elections, and all the adorably quaint aspects of British politics that they will undoubtedly involve.

2. A serialised short story.

3. A baffling array of guest stars in Conversations with Greatness.

4. Some new scandal involving Google referrals and a parade of weirdos leaving comments. And, of course...

5. Colin Farrell's cock.

And, tomorrow: odds and ends that have been kicking around my notes folder for a few months.


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