May 02, 2005

Canadian Dollars

With the British election only 48 hours away, I thought I'd draw attention to the roguish scamps of British democracy, the Official Monster Raving Loony Party.

Some of my favourite bits from their manifesto:

"Tax credits will be paid to nice people. There will be a 'total bastard' tax for everyone else."

"The number 13 will be abolished due to its longstanding unpopularity. The bus to Acton North will now not have a number on it but not much else will be affected. Therefore if you see a bus with no number on it, it will be going to Acton North. Please remember this for future reference."

"We intend to make free university tuition available to all students named Grant."

"Anyone believing that their pet understands every word that they say to them will be asked to make the pet write a thesis to prove it."

As you may have guessed, the OMRLP is taken about as seriously in British politics as Ralph Nader is in American politics.


At 4/5/05 09:50, Blogger Confused as usual said...

Surely, students named Grant would simply be deposited in the bank accounts of the other students, to the mutual discomfort of all concerned.


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