May 01, 2005

Mumbo Jumbo

From Netscape News: Thai Jumbo Queen says fat is beautiful

"NAKHON PATHOM, Thailand, May 1 (Reuters) . . . A Thai beauty contest celebrated women with a bit of flesh on Sunday
when heavy-weight contestants battled for the Miss Jumbo Queen crown . . . [which] allows full-sized women weighing over 80kg (176 lb) to show weight-conscious Thais that big is beautiful."

Wow, that's admirable. With all the media imagery of thin women that you see these days, messages like this are really important. Women need to be treated with respect no matter how much they weigh.

Say, is there any other reason for the Miss Jumbo Queen contest?

"The annual contest . . . aims to raise awareness and money for Thailand's dwindling elephant population."

Oh. That's a bit of an unfortunate association. Still, at least the connection between overweight women and elephants isn't made too clear, right?

"This year, 24 women participated in the contest at the Samphran Elephant Ground and Zoo."

Okay, okay. So they're 'celebrating the beauty' of overweight women by ogling them as they parade around in an elephant enclosure. But, I mean, look, it's not as if they're being degraded or objectified in any other way, okay?

"Judges also looked at other talents of the contestants who mesmerised hundreds of spectators with raunchy dance numbers and revealing costumes."

Naturally, by the way, the contest had no clear winner. It was a Thai. HA!


At 4/5/05 09:59, Blogger Confused as usual said...

You neglect to comment on the feelings of the elephants on this matter. I have no doubt they were outraged, particularly by the 'raunchy dance numbers and revealing costumes'. Elephants may well turn out to have greater aesthetic sensitivities than science has yet recognised. Still, the whole thing turns out to be a relatively cheap way to mesmerise hundreds of people, perhaps a useful tool in the hands of those seeking world domination! I note also that you failed to make any pun along the lines of negative 'stereoThaipes' of women. Perhaps you can work 'that's a nice Thai you're wearing' into some future communique.

At 21/7/07 19:23, Anonymous Anonymous said...

Aside from it being for a good cause, the fact is, I find 400 lb Thanchanok Mekkeaw rather cute.


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