June 16, 2005

A Compendium of Dummies

Neale’s been doing a series of blog entries about bad design choices, and he’s inspiried me to do something similar. I just saw an advert for Scottish Gas (a utility company). Its closing slogan was a masterpiece of advertising crapness:

“Every 60 seconds, somebody switches back to Scottish Gas.” (Emphasis mine.)

Now, to me, this implies that there was a huge number of people who were with Scottish Gas, were unhappy enough to switch to another company, but then realized that their new company was even worse. It might as well be:

“Scottish Gas: the lesser of two evils.”

Speaking of hilariously bad copy, I enjoyed this headline from Tuesday’s Globe and Mail:

“Short films have to make their point quickly.”

Oh, and I just saw this on TV while writing this:

“Now, they alleged that the elephant had stuck its trunk up its own anus-- and really, unless you’re an anthropologist, how would you know that wasn’t possible?”

And then, the same buffoon said this in a clip filmed years earlier:

“The great anthropologist, who knows more about animals than any of us.”

I think somebody should give him the first volume of an Encyclopaedia for Christmas.



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