June 22, 2005

Don't Ask, Don't Tell

From Netscape News: Report: Saddam Friendly With U.S. Troops

All my extremely media-savvy readers will no doubt be tired of hearing about Saddam Hussein's behaviour while in captivity-- including his "spanking gestures" and tendency to "get grumpy" when denied his daily Cheetohs (alas! If only they'd been Corn Pops, it would have made for a much better joke, along the lines of "He's gotta have his Pops!").

But want I want to know is...

"The soldiers say Saddam was preoccupied with cleanliness, washing up after shaking hands and using diaper wipes to clean his meal trays, his utensils and the table before eating."

...Where on Earth did he get diaper wipes while detained on a top secret military base?


In other news, I am employed! As of July 31st, I will be getting paid less than minimum wage to deal with obnoxious tourists! So, uh, hurray, I guess.

(You have to be 22 to qualify for the adult minimum wage, so it's not actually illegal-- plus I get a free pass to a crapload of shows and discounts at the venue bars, so I figure it probably works out in my favour. So please, don't write any angry letters on my behalf, as I'm sure you were all raring to do.)

Also, to add insult to injury, my dial-up modem has decided to stop talking to my computer, so I don't even have painfully slow internet anymore. If I want to go online I have to make the arduous five minute trek to my dad's place. Jeez. It's like living in the stone age, or something.


At 23/6/05 01:16, Anonymous Anonymous said...

"It's like living in the stone age, or something."

Yeah. Or Scotland:

- Whae we doo tae pass tha taeme?
- Och, laddie, le's poosh tha' stone inna tha loch.

At 24/6/05 07:59, Blogger Mariana said...

That above comment was weird. I assume it's someone you know.

Hey, if you have the advantage of internet and some time (which it seems, being employed and in the Stone Age, you have neither) then check out this blog:

Just cause it's pretty and making me miss the city.

Also, what the hell kind of Scot are you, you don't have any tea! I can't relax with a perfect cuppa espresso!

At 24/6/05 13:34, Blogger Andrew said...

I suspect the first comment was my cousin, with whom I have engaged in many conversations of a similar tone over the years. My favourite (that I can remember) was:

"We still haven't invented doors in Scotland, so we all have to take turns standing in front of the doorway to keep the draft out."

Mariana: what are you talking about? I have more frickin' tea than you could ever hope to finish this summer! In fact, I even have a tin of loose Scottish Breakfast Tea, so I'll thank you not to malign my Scottishness. It's in the big cupboard on your right as you walk into the kitchen.

At 24/6/05 17:52, Blogger Mariana said...

It's in the big cupboard on your right as you walk into the kitchen.

Yeah, so perhaps this will make you burst out laughing, as it did me.

I had completely overlooked said cupboard. Completely. I was baffled as to where you kept your dry food. I may even have hung plastic bags from the doorknob as I wandered about, baffled.

Now I'm going to finish your Nutella.


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