June 18, 2005

It's Me 'Art!

Reading over my post from Thursday, I noticed that, even as I sat there complaining about bad copy, my own writing was comically and ironically sloppy. Obviously this was an entirely intentional, meta-textual editorial comment. But just, you know, in case that went over people's heads and they thought I was actually writing badly, I've fixed it now. Ahem.

Speaking of bad copy (again), I started the first of my summer jobs yesterday, looking after this year's special garden exhibition at The Scottish Gallery. Last summer, they spent a good deal of money re-branding the gallery, complete with new logo, corporate typeface, and slogan. The slogan does sort of make grammatical sense if you think about it, but nonetheless I feel it could have been worded better:

"Contemporary art since 1842"

To me this sounds as if they've been selling today's art for the last 160 years which, though impressive, I know to be entirely beyond their abilities.

My job, by the way, is DULL! Essentially, all it involves is my sitting in a garden for 8 hours, occasionally smiling niceties at the old women who come to see the exhibit. Now, I agree that in principle getting paid £4.50 an hour to sit in a garden sounds like a pretty sweet deal-- but it's for eight hours at a time, in the middle of nowhere (ie. I would need to get in a car and drive for fifteen minutes to get to the nearest town, except that the nearest town is so inconsequential it would be a waste of time, even supposing I actually had a car). I can't even listen to my iPod because I'm the 'face' of the Gallery and that would send the wrong message. So I basically just sit there. By myself. Ugh.


At 18/6/05 18:00, Blogger dustin said...

Sounds like good practice time for meditation and/or psychic powers.

At 19/6/05 10:07, Blogger Betsy said...

At the Uffizi they're allowed to read while they sit there. If you can hear the old ladies coming, you could stash the book somewhere, too.

At 19/6/05 12:47, Blogger Andrew said...

Yes, I was reading a book, though I finished it about two hours before the end of the day. I think next week I'm going to take my laptop-- that way I can sit there and look like I'm tapping away on official business, when I'll actually be writing my Pulitzer-winning novel. Or something.

At 19/6/05 14:16, Blogger Mariana said...

I have one word for you: nude.

That way you can be the body of the museum too! And the 8 hours should pass more interestingly.


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