June 20, 2005

Ivan Infant!

From The Pensacola News-Journal: Nine months after Ivan, baby boom brewing

I was at the PNJ's website looking for a story about one of my friends, and saw a teaser for a story that went something like this:

"Something beautiful is emerging in the wake of Hurricane Ivan's destruction... Babies."

Well, I just had to read this. The headline pretty much says it all-- after Ivan stormed through Florida last September, people were at a bit of a loose end, and, well, nine months later there are a whole bunch of extra babies being born.

Dr Nicholas Sholty, an obstetrician at Pensacola's Baptist Hospital, gives his explanation for the baby boom: "If you take a look at any natural disaster, this is the case. There's a realignment of people's priorities. They recognize the frailty of life."

Dr Sholty, by the way, is well known for walking around the halls of Baptist hospital with his fingers in his ears, singing "LALALALALALA!" at the top of his lungs; interviews with actual parents suggest reasons for the boom that are a little less noble than 'recognizing the frailty of life':

"When patients call in, we've heard some of them say there was nothing better to do with the lights not on." --Debbie Stearns, executive director of The Women's Group

"You don't have any TV to watch, and you don't have to get up for work." --Jim Zettler, parent

. . . And, my favourite:

"I had already cleaned the house a thousand times . . . I was really bored, so that's how he came here." --Nicole Jordan, parent

Let's hope her kid doesn't know how to use a news archive when he grows up, eh?


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