June 29, 2005

Life in Mono

Though the Greywalls garden show can get dull if you're here for eight hours straight, it is indisputably a gorgeous place. I've been thinking about bringing my SLR out here, so yesterday I took my digital around and did a few 'mock-ups' of potential shots to see how things would work out.

The exercise was far from perfect-- my digital has a much shorter lens than my SLR, so some of the wider landscape shots will be pretty much impossible to replicate. Also, I've got a pseudo-macro lens on the SLR which lets me get close-ups that my digital simply cannot manage, so I couldn't do a lot of the shots I would have liked to try out. Finally, the digital lacks a lot of the finer controls that my SLR has, so I coudn't manipulate shutter speed (there's a moving water sculpture that I wanted to get a longer shutter on) or aperture (I wanted a narrower depth-of-field in a few of 'em). And by gum, do I hate the way green looks in B&W photos!

All that said, though, I'm generally pretty pleased with the way these have come out, so hopefully I'll have another sunny day on which I can bring out the SLR. Thus endeth the boring photographic talk.

Geeky HTML joke: Man, coding a table by hand sure is <td>ous!


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