June 19, 2005

Nothing To Do With Radiohead

Readers of this blog may remember my story from last summer about overhearing children playing in the communal garden outside my bedroom. Well, here’s another beauty from today.

Kid A: Eleven nil! That’s eleven nil!
Kid B: No, it’s only ten!
Kid A: Eleven!
Kid B: Ten!

[Sound of ball being kicked]

Kid B: Okay, now we can call it eleven.
Kid A: No, it’s twelve now!
Kid B: Eleven!
Kid A: Twelve!

[Sound of ball being kicked]

Kid B: I’m going home.

Okay, hands up who used to be Kid A, and who used to be Kid B. I’ll freely admit to the latter. Anyone else?


At 20/6/05 13:42, Blogger Mariana said...

I don't think I played games with traditional rules. I remember a lot of make-believe games, where I would be a cool teenage girl with a boyfriend. Maybe that's why I like Improv.

People in your building make weird noises.


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