July 14, 2005


Grrr!! After my iBook collapsed and was subsequently repaired back in January, I was sort of hoping that I wouldn't have to deal with computer troubleshooting for a while. My computer, it seems, had different plans— my battery is on the blink.

Well, that's not entirely accurate. I know for a fact that there is nothing physically wrong my battery, because it was holding a full charge of several hours on Monday. Instead, what I rather suspect is wrong is that something has gone screwy with the part of iBook that keeps track of the battery's charge. So I have subjected it to a battery of tests (ho-ho!), including (this is for you, Dustin) zapping the PRAM, zapping the NVRAM, resetting the Power Management Unit, and doing an Open Firmware boot and resetting the NVRAM from there. All of these things are supposed to fix battery issues, but not a single one has worked. Which means I'm going to need to take the thing into the shop and see if they have any bright ideas, and if they don't (as I'm more than certain will be the case, because computer salespeople can never restrain their glee when there's a possibility of flogging a new battery to someone) I'll have to shell out £89 (!!!!!!!) for a new one.

Boo. At least I was planning a trip to the Apple Store tomorrow, anyway.


At 15/7/05 11:28, Blogger dustin said...

After installing 10.4 I was having problems with the battery indicator. Sometimes it would just sit there not updating until it shut off when the battery ran out. Clicking on the battery indicator and examining the percentage inside (I display the time remaining in the menu) would cause it to update itself.

This problem seems to have gone away now though. Possibly one of the 10.4 updates solved it. I don't know though.


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