July 19, 2005

Hi At Us!

Hello. My recent lack of prolificacy is bound to continue for another week, because I'm going here tomorrow. Aren't you jealous? I'll be back a week on Wednesday, at which point I'll post many pictures and tales of my Mediterranean escapades.

In the meantime, please enjoy this joke, at which Alison will now laugh loudly:

Q. Why did Bono fall of the stage at U2's last concert?
A. He was standing too close to The Edge.

Also, speaking of U2, I enjoyed this story about a group of waggish scamps who threw a fake rooftop concert, dressed as U2, across the street from Madison Square Gardens-- where the real U2 were having a concert. It takes prankery to a whole new level.


At 25/7/05 09:42, Blogger Mariana said...

Ooh I am jealous! Have fun. I expect to see another smug tan.


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