July 28, 2005

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So, here I am, back from Sardinia. It was a blissful vacation; espresso in the mornings, gelato in the evenings, and a variety of sun-drenched beaches, great meals, and thoroughly Italian activities in between. I've got a couple of stories I want to tell, but didn't arrive home until 4:30am and am, uh, a little too tired to write anything very coherent-- so there'll be a series of posts over the next few days, instead.

By the way, this scene in a Starbucks illustrates Edinburgh during the Festival pretty well:

Man: Hay-lo, aye woood laike tu espraissos and wun capooocino, pleease.
Barista: Okay, tuw exprassoes and wewn cappewchinno. Five pawnds twaenty, pliz.
Man: Whaire aye can gait soogar?

Meanwhile, at the next till, a Swiss barista patiently spent five minutes (literally, I looked at my watch) explaining to a group of five Americans the differences between various flavours of Frappucino.

Where are all the Scottish people?!


At 29/7/05 00:48, Anonymous Anonymous said...

Yay! I'm sure you had lots-o-fun. I can't wait to hear about it. By the way, what day do you return to Montreal? (I can't remember) Also, would you consider adding me to your list of blogs? Thanks a bunch.
Your roomie
aka Ren


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