July 13, 2005

Some Things Never Change...

...Seen on Netscape:

If the remaining cats leave Chicago travelling at 70mph, how many hours will the woman need to work in order to buy 100 new cats?

I have also been tittering at these headlines:

Bomb hunt focuses on masterminds— move follows lacklustre success of 'Operation Capture Out-of-the-Loop Underlings'.

Universe 'too queer' to grasp, complain painfully hetero scientists.

Monaco's Albert assumes throne; makes ass of you, me.

My new template doesn't display properly in IE5 for Mac (surprise, surprise). I dunno about IE5 for Windows. But according to my tracker, about 5% of my visitors are still using IE5, so I'm sorry to them for not being able to appreciate the new prettiness in its entirety. I'd try and fix it, but from experience I know that trying to make CSS display properly in IE is a thankless task, and I already spent so much time tweaking the damn thing last night that I dreamt about HTML tags— so screw that.


At 14/7/05 00:08, Anonymous Anonymous said...

It looks the same in IE5 as Firefox, that is, good.

I've thought of doing round corners before, but was never game enough for the incredibly tedious CSS involved. I salute you!

If you are curious about other browsers, I have them all.


At 14/7/05 06:55, Blogger Andrew said...

Well, it's not really fair to take credit for the CSS, as I mostly just doctored a pre-made template... But I can vouch that I did *much* tedious work in Photoshop to draw the round corners.

I'm only curious in other browsers if they make it look bad. :-)



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