August 17, 2005

Big Sister is Watching

From BBC NEWS | Entertainment: Buerk attacks women broadcasters

Being from Canada, many of readers will probably be unaware....

No, wait, I can't start like that.

If you are about my age and grew up in Britain, you'll remember the gentle old man who used to present the Nine o' Clock News on BBC One. Well, as it turns out, that gentle old man is actually a frothy-mouthed coot.

Michael Buerk this week started raving like a drunken vagrant about how the "shift in the balance of power between the sexes" has gone too far in the direction of women. Men, claims Buerk, are nothing more than "sperm donors" these days, in a world where women "decide what we see and hear" in the media.

Other appalling social trends, selon Buerk:

•Good ol' fashioned, penis-lengthening jobs like mining and manufacturing are no longer the backbone of British industry that they once were.

•Many jobs these days involve skills like multi-tasking that women are "a lot better at".

•Products are actually made and marketed specifically for women. Imagine!

"Some people," said Buerk, probably referring to puerile simpletons and deluded chauvinists, "might argue that this is a case of the pendulum swinging over the woman's side for a change."

Yes, Michael, that's right: now that women have their own market niche, they wield a vast and oppressive power over the cowering sperm machines of the evil oestrogenical conspiracy. It doesn't even matter that, say, women get paid less money than men to actually buy the products that are so aggressively marketed to them. Nope.

And, yes, women clearly control the media. That's why they're spending thousands of pounds getting their vaginas surgically altered to look 'better'. Obviously any media imagery that makes women feel like they need to mutilate their genitals must come from other women! See, girls are just dumb like that.

Jesus. I would love to rant about this more, but I'm late for work.


At 17/8/05 23:41, Anonymous Anonymous said...

Disappointing... I was hoping that a buerk would turn out to be a man-eating, half-bear, half-shark. :(


At 18/8/05 13:08, Blogger Mariana said...

Ok, I admit it, I had a Pretty Vagina club at my private all-girls High School.

But anyway, we wouldn't ever have admitted surgically altered girls.

(Disclaimer: sarcasm)


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