August 08, 2005

Hanky Spanky

Saturday was my day off so I had a big Fringe day; comedy in the afternoon, theatre in the evening, and more comedy at night. The first comedy (Howard Read: The Little Howard Appeal) was a very inspired stand-up/animation show, in which the stand-up interacted with a pre-animated and recorded cartoon character projected onto a screen behind him. It was very creative and very, very funny, marred only by the enormous technical difficulties he had (both his computers crashed twice during the show).

The theatre (The Lad Lit Project) had been one I was really looking forward to— a collection of stories told by men about how they see and experience the world around them. Unfortunately, it was irritatingly over-theatrical, which really ruined the whole thing for me. See, there was really no need for it to be so theatrical, which made me feel like they were purposefully trying to make it harder to enjoy for people who don't know a lot about theatre. Which is pretty fucking stupid considering their self-professed aim in producing the show was to celebrate the common experiences of everyday men.

And finally, late-night comedy at Spank!, the Underbelly's nightly comedy/music cabaret. Well, I say cabaret, but that probably makes it sound classier than it really is, considering:

1. I witnessed three couples attempting to beat the Guinness world record for 'Biggest fraction of somebody else's face fit into your mouth at one time'.

2. One of the acts invited a particularly vocal heckler on-stage for a fight… And the heckler obliged.

3. Three different acts did yeast infection bits.

4. A performer trying to promote his show stripped naked on stage and proceeded to dip his penis into a pint of beer.

That said, the appeal of Spank! lies in the awesome headliners they always manage to book, and despite the copious amounts of sleaze, I did enjoy seeing four or five acts that I otherwise wouldn't have made it to. And really, having to watch a grown man douse his genitals in beer seems like a small price to pay for that.


Adrienne, you're in the blogroll now. Sorry for the delay, but after spending all that time rejigging my template last month it makes me cry to even think about looking at CSS— so I had to wait until I had an particularly large amount of mental fortitude.


At 9/8/05 11:21, Anonymous Adrienne said...

Ah, thank you so much. I cried out with glee when I saw it.


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