August 23, 2005

I Forgot To Write A Title For This One...

Here's a bizarre scene, taken out of context:

Man on stage: I hate black people!
Audience: [Enthusiastic cheers and applause]

Klan rally? Republican National Convention? No, this was the punchline of a sketch at a comedy show. And yes, I've taken it out of context, and yes, as a punchline in context it was sort of funny. But I ask you, what does it tell you about the state of our culture that a joke like that not only flew by without a single shocked gasp, but was actually unabashedly applauded? I mean, do these people not realise what they were clapping and cheering at?

Apologies for paucity of blog material lately. There just aren't enough hours in the day, especially now that I'm having to start my departure checklist. Back in Montreal in a week!


At 23/8/05 17:18, Anonymous Marc said...

And improv starts again! And frisbee too! Do you still want to have a meeting?

At 23/8/05 23:53, Anonymous Adrienne said...

Wait, you've already started making a departure checklist? I leave in less than 36 hours and I don't have a list. Maybe I should do
By the way, how do you feel about adding a fountain to our foyer?

At 24/8/05 19:29, Anonymous Eleanor said...

Strange. I got to your site via Bob Ladd's Edinburgh website. Are you his son? It's just that he used to teach me during my wonderful undergrad times (those lazy hazy days, way back in...oooh, 2002), and you're in Montreal, or were, and that's where I live now. What a fascinating coincidence and circle of life. Sorry the weather isn't any better here right now!

At 25/8/05 19:37, Blogger Andrew said...

Marc: Yes, let's have a meeting sometime before the first official workshop.

Adrienne: Only if I can install a hedge maze in the kitchen.

Eleanor: Yes, I am Bob Ladd's smartest and most talented son. Do you often check the websites of your ex-professors?

At 25/8/05 22:55, Anonymous Eleanor said...

Smartest and most talented? Are you perchance his -only- son? :-)

I only check my professors' websites when I'm that bored. THAT bored. Don't you?

At 26/8/05 04:25, Blogger Andrew said...

Ouch, zing. Not his only son, just his most in need of meaningless validation through relatively anonymous forums on the internet.


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