August 04, 2005

Oh, Alright...

I walked into the bathroom at work yesterday, and there was a clown just calmly standing at the urinal. And then, last night, while I was at another venue taking advantage of my staff show pass, I went to the bathroom and saw Elvis just calmly standing at the urinal.

Combined, those two sightings were at least five times as funny as the stand-ups I saw last night, who spent most of the show pacing the stage and saying "Shit, I'm not very funny", or "Shit, this isn't going very well", or "Fuck, there are only, like, three people laughing." These were not nervous mutterings to themselves— this was part of their 'act', such as it was. Additionally, one of them was stumbling and umming and ahhing over his delivery so much, the audience actually yelled out his punchlines (sometimes even their own punchlines that were better than his) regularly for the entire time he was on stage. The other was getting so flustered that he got the techhie to turn all the lights off, which I think was meant to be a planned 'bit', only he then left them off for the rest of the show, which wasn't very funny at all. But I think the high point of the evening was when the second guy told a joke that completely flopped— like, not even a chuckle— and he responded by saying "Shit, I was banking on that one to close."

Ah, the Fringe.


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