August 03, 2005

Worrying Search Referrals, No. 9,883

This page is ranked number forty-four in a Yahoo! search for "bulging Speedos".

Does anybody except me actually care about this stuff?


The extremely astute among you will have realised that I have, by now, started my job at The Underbelly— and you may well be wondering why I've remained quiet on the topic, given the doubtless hilarious things that must happen when a major Fringe venue is built in four days. The answer is, I would really hate for one of the 200,000 tourists in town to Google 'Underbelly' and find me on this site writing unofficial things about it. This may seem overly cautious, but given:

a) multiple precedents involving blogging employees being reprimanded by their employers, and
b) the fact that 'bulging Speedos' made it on to a search engine in a matter of days

I'd rather stay mum for now. Consider this incentive for you to actually talk to me and hear my hilarious anecdotes first-hand.


At 3/8/05 09:44, Anonymous Anonymous said...

okay, so here it is. I finally realized there is enough incentive for me to appear as an existing entity. I have been reading your blog for months even though I DON'T KNOW YOU AT ALL. I like it a lot. justified. it makes my filled with boredom days at this office I work at light and filled with smiles. Now that you have mentioned Fringe in Edinburugh I HAVE to ask you not to "mum" but to tell us, your blog fans who happen to be Fringe Veterans, what you have to say about this amazing piece of theatre world. It ended here in Montreal for us Montrealers in June just to start for everyone else around Canada and finally make it to Scotland. how unfair. You can mask the googlable terms and dress whatever information needs to stay discrete. I, the old Fringer, will get all the meanings. Reading about it in YOUR blog would really lift me up.

"if we can, we should help each other" (not really a quote, just thought it would look more respectable in quote marks)

(you are hilarious. you should publish your stuff)


At 3/8/05 14:17, Anonymous Dustin said...

Sillytech is the #4 result for America Sucks. I also enjoy the search engine shenanigans.

At 3/8/05 15:39, Blogger Andrew said...

Madam, you are a saint.

Dustin, you are a madam.


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