September 21, 2005

Netscape, I Could Hug You

Don't you think this picture and headline are really incongruous?

What's the threat? Apathy? (Actually, it's obesity. The terrorists are going to feed us to death.)

Other interesting snippets from Netscape's headlines:

Britney Spears, it has been revealed, opted for a Caesarian delivery of her first child, recently, because she was afraid of the pain of childbirth. Her publicist has denied rumours that she thought she was getting a salad.

An Italian man, evidently skilled in procrastination, was browsing Google's collection of satellite maps recently, and accidentally discovered the ruins of a Roman villa, buried just underneath the ground. When the Italian entered the underground building, he was surprised to find lava pits, walking mushrooms, and a really pissed off dinosaur.

And, finally, an Australian man forced the evacuation of a building when a 40,000 volt static charge built up in his nylon jacket. Hilariously oblivious to his superhero-like abilities, Frank Clewer strolled into an office building in Sydney and ignited the carpet with sparks from his jacket. When the fire brigade evacuated the building, Clewer went to his car, realised he had melted the rubber mat by the pedals, and returned to the building so that the fire fighters could quarantine his jacket.

Clewer caused a good deal of damage to the building. Authorities are debating whether or not to charge him.



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