September 27, 2005

This Is The World We Live In:

•Observed in Toronto: A silver VW Beetle (one of the new ones) with a Paul Frank license plate holder, and a customised license plate that read "YAY FUN".

•Read on the BBC: A West Yorkshire hospital has banned cooing at babies. Quoth the hospital's neo-natal manager: "Cooing should be a thing of the past because these are little people with the same rights as you or me."

•Observed in Montreal: A boy and a girl walking down the street, holding hands, and each listening to their own, separate iPod.

•A very worrying search referral: 'merde sex'

•Sitting next to me on the train on Sunday: a young man (old teen, more like it) alternately looking at pictures of his newborn daughter, and the book The Importance of Logical Thought. I felt awful for him.

•In Toronto: the Toronto Skydome has been renamed 'The Rogers Centre', which I think sounds less like a sports stadium and more like a terribly British, public school sex show.



At 27/9/05 21:01, Anonymous dustin said...

Shit on those asses that renamed the Skydome! That's cock-sucking merde sex bullshit!

At 28/9/05 11:10, Blogger Andrew said...



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