October 17, 2005

Analyse This

From BBC NEWS | Wales: Sex 'therapy' psychologist guilty

According to the British Psychology Society, Dr Steven Manley:

•Is a psychologist.
•Convinced a patient that the best therapy for her condition was to have sex with him in car parks.
•Persuaded her to see him as a private client, as well as on the NHS, so that she was actually paying him £35 (US$61) per session to have sex with him. ("He made me feel special", she says.)
•Talked her into leaving her husband and daughter to move into a caravan with him. ("He had taken me over by that stage," she sagely notes.)
•Ended the relationship a year later.
•Was found guilty of "conducting himself . . . in a manner likely to be detrimental to client and of exploiting a relationship of influence and trust."
•Has been suspended from practising psychology . . .

. . . For three years.

If he undergoes professional training during those three years, he will be allowed to practise again, at which point psychology as a profession will pretty much lose all credibility.

I mean, for God's sake! Will they let any sexually predatory schmuck get a job helping the mentally vulnerable these days, or what?


[Edit: Since, joy of joys, I seem to have gained the attention of the Google gods again, a clarification for the benefit of anybody who stumbles on this page and wants to leave a comment accusing me of anything...

My issue here is not with Steven Manley or anything he allegedly did or did not do. My issue is that the BPS evidently believes that he *did* do *something*, otherwise they wouldn't have suspended him in the first place; and if they truly believe that one of their members was having sex with clients in car parks and that a suitable punishment is only three years of suspension, then I question their standards, regardless of what actually happened.

That is all.


At 18/10/05 17:59, Anonymous Anonymous said...

Hey! I know Dr Manley and think you before you post okay? Heather Watson who was the patient lived with him for over 14mths! She begged him not to leave her and threatened his career. He DID NOT have sex with her in car parks, she is a woman scorned who LIED, get it? Dr Manley is a wonderful human being who helped me and I owe him a great deal. He was NOT expelled but suspended from the BPS doesnt that tell you anything?
Heather Watson also harassed his family and other patients. I know you dont know the full story but you should really not believe everthing you read in the press.
www.artdecayed.co.uk/jaduman is his website, read the statement on there!

At 18/10/05 18:17, Anonymous Marion said...

Hello Andrew,

Steven Manley is a good man and I will vouch for his integrity. I appreciate you are overseas and are not aware of the full facts, only the stories on a north wales bbc site. Locally the story is known and a good psychologist has been victimised. Granted, he lived with an ex-client ( he had discharged her previously) and that was against the 2 year rule but there was never any sexual predatory behaviour like she insinuated. The press in other newspapers printed more facts and not the sleazy version the lesser journalists published.

At 31/1/06 14:49, Anonymous Anonymous said...

Dr Manley is now (according to his blog) which has been relocated living with another ex client of 12 years who describes herself as having severe mental health problems. last week he proudly announced he was to become a father and she said he had his vasectomy reversed last Oct (the time of the hearing when he was too ill to attend!!!The BPS are investigating and hopefully there will be another hearing and he will be disposed of once and for all. What about his poor wife and three children. He used to be called Jadusingh before he changed his name to Manley.Whatever his clientdid or didn't do'he knew the rules. This man was also on the Ethics committee and lectured to students at Bangor University.

At 2/2/06 19:00, Anonymous Hannah Marie said...

Jeeze! The woman paid him for sex and she expects the world to believe that? You sound like you know alot about him, you're not her are you? The woman never bothered about his children when she lived with him for "14 mths" do you brainwash someone for 14mths? Unlikely, she sounds like a woman with secrets herself me thinks.

At 2/2/06 19:26, Anonymous Anonymous said...

Howdy everyone! Looks like we all found this blog after looking for dr manley. I have been enjoying his blog as a matter of fact and i'll be damned he goes and removes it!

From what I read the dr does not care if he is struck off and is happy to be able to practise again privately and get on with life. I dont know the ins and outs of it but i do know that its highly unlikely the patient was as innocent as she would have us believe. He struck me as a nice gentleman who is articulate and genuine. If it is the patient disclosing his details she ought to look up the legalities of doing so.

At 3/2/06 09:53, Anonymous Anonymous said...

Hi Hannah Marie... I agree with you and find her story to be lost in the realms of fantasy land.


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