October 03, 2005

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If you subscribe to this blog's XML feed:

I am switching from Blogger's proprietary feed to a Feedburner feed, at feeds.feedburner.com/exbostonian. Please update your links accordingly. I'll be disabling the Blogger feed on Monday, the 10th of October.


If you didn't know this blog had an XML feed:

You do now! You can find it by clicking on the nifty orange XML button in the top right-hand corner.


If you don't know what an XML feed is:

Many websites publish their informational content in a machine-readable, unformatted way. This is an XML feed.


If you don't know why this is important:

In the connected age we live in, many people find themselves in the position of having to keep track of ten, twenty, or even more regularly updated websites. If those sites publish an XML feed, specialised software known as 'Aggregators' or 'Newsreaders' can collect all the feeds in the same place and check for updates automatically. Then, you don't have to waste time navigating from site to site; you can just open one window and see all the new content available.


If you thought an aggregator was something that lived in the Florida Everglades:

No, you're thinking of alligators. Alligators are reptilian predators with long, flat bodies and a broad, toothy snout.


If you thought those were called crocodiles:

Actually, crocodiles have a narrower snout and their eyes are further forward. They also tend to be lighter in colour.


If you still don't understand:

Try not to worry. The links between XML feeds and aquatic reptiles are tenuous at best, and their intricacies little understood— however, they are unlikely to affect the nature of your everyday life. If you are still concerned, a rigourous programme of training in Computer and/or Zoological science may help to further put your mind at ease.

Have a nice day.


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