October 25, 2005

Hi! My Name Is...

For those of you who haven't been following Montreal's municipal elections (how could you not?!), you might be surprised to hear about one of the candidates for Equipe Ville-Marie.

His name is William Shady Elhami.

Now, I ask you, who in their right mind would vote for a politician whose middle name is 'Shady'? Who in their right mind, for that matter, would run a political candidate whose middle name is 'Shady'. It's just begging for trouble!

Or maybe Montreal voters are, just in general, more mature and informed than me.


At 26/10/05 09:28, Blogger extraspecialbitter said...

Shade can be very comforting under the right circumstances, but shadiness doesn't seem to be a desired quality in a public official.

At 26/10/05 22:08, Blogger Zosja said...

How do you find out who or how many readers have bookmarked your page? Is it possible to find out who googles your name?

At 27/10/05 09:41, Blogger Andrew said...

I don't know of any way to track how many people have bookmarked you, but if you get a Feedburner feed it will keep track of how many people subscribe to your feed. Elsewhere, you can track how many visitors your page gets at Webstats4U (among many others), which also lets you see what Google terms people have used to find your site.

At 27/10/05 15:53, Anonymous Mariana said...

He knocked on the door at Summerhill just the other day!

I don't remember how he said his name though. It might actually be 'shah-dee', in which case you're an ignorant racist. Ok, it probably is shady, I just wanted to write something insulting.

At 27/10/05 17:25, Blogger Andrew said...

"In which case you're an ignorant racist."

I didn't realise there was ever any doubt.

At 27/10/05 18:58, Blogger Zosja said...

Thank you (also thank you for the Fringe reviews)! don't stop! I read you every day

At 8/1/06 20:38, Anonymous Anonymous said...

it is pronounced 'shah-dee'.
so get over your ignorant self.
and how am i so sure, instead of being another mariana who wanted to write something insulting? because i know the guy. and yes, montrealers are more mature and informed than you will ever hope to be.

At 8/1/06 21:00, Blogger Andrew said...

Oh, get over your haughty self. I was merely pointing out a somewhat amusing double entendre, not suggesting that anyone does or should vote for a political candidate based on their name, or that Mr Elhami is anything other than an upstanding and talented public official.

For God's sake, why do people who randomly stumble on this site assume that everything I say is meant with absolute, earnest seriousness? Is it the bright colours? The jokes? What? What is it I do that makes people think this is a serious website?

At 10/1/06 00:42, Anonymous Anonymous said...

fyi: you're still an idiot. and trust me, NO ONE takes you seriously. u know, all in the spirit of being amusing and unhaughty, just...like...you.

btw: what makes me think it's a "serious" website?? maybe its' ability to make your life more interesting in that it gives you something to do, like click on refresh every five minutes to see who has taken time out of their infinitely more precious time to negate the comments of a seriously non-amusing haughty nobody?? which by the way ends here. next time you want to be taken not so seriously, say something actually worth saying.

At 10/1/06 09:48, Blogger Andrew said...

Normally it's my policy not to get into extended flame wars with anonymous commenteers, but you are being such a douchebag about this, for no good reason, that I just can't help myself.

Item: Why am I "still an idiot"? In the first place it's difficult to 'still' be something that you never actually accused me of to begin with; in the second, it seems like your only criterion for calling me an idiot is that I made a joke which you didn't find funny. Which is, uh, kind of fatuous.

Item: Hey, buddy, you clearly fucking take me seriously, otherwise why would you waste your infinitely precious time commenting (twice!) on the blog of someone who you've never met and has never done a thing to you? And then, obviously, returning to said blog at least once to check whether or not I had replied! But, hey, whatever gives you something to do with your time, in between overreacting to random puns you find on the internet.

Oh, and BTW, FYI: BTW and FYI are not 'cool' things to say anymore unless you are twelve years old and waiting for your training bra to fill out.

Go eat a bag of dicks.

At 10/1/06 10:33, Blogger Sean said...

ho, snap?

At 10/1/06 11:14, Anonymous Mariana said...

Yo, Anonymous (and any trolls who might be reading this):

I called Andrew an 'ignorant racist' as a joke, because we're friends in real life and friends tease each other, and I know that he is neither ignorant nor racist. As for the 'Shady' ordeal, it's funny to link the word 'shady' to a politician because of the sad history of corruption in politics. That's what he was trying to say.

I don't know why you felt the need to speak for all Montrealers, considering that I'm a Montrealer and I don't think your comments were mature, or informed, or an accurate portrayal of my opinions. Your comments were insulting, and in fact both immature and uninformed, since you clearly didn't get the whole joke thing. Not to mention that you give no information about yourself, and hiding behind an 'anonymous' handle and giving no other information about yourself undermines any attempt at honest debate. Which I guess you weren't going for anyway, just petty name-calling...

Enjoy your meal.


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