October 11, 2005

I've Had the Guggenheim of My Life

So, New York was wicked fun, as usual, despite copious amounts of rain and equally scarce amounts of sleep (thanks, respectively, to next-door parties until 7:30am, snoring mothers, and early flights).

By far the most New York of my nights was Friday. Once a month, the Guggenheim opens up as a sort of pseudo-nightclub from 9pm to 1am, complete with bars, a DJ, and dancing. So I had the notable pleasure of going to the Guggenheim for less than standard admission, and getting to sup red wine delicately and look at their excellent exhibition of Russian art.

The DJ looked like the hipped out love child of Dennis Hopper's character in Easy Rider and our Lord Jesus Christ, so to be more precise I actually had the slightly bizarre experience of drinking wine in an avant garde art gallery while Jesus spun house music to ecstatic, middle-aged Manhattanites.

As it happened, Mike Skinner from The Streets was also in attendance that night, so I suppose it would be better to say that I had the surreal exploit of meeting a famous British rapper-of-sorts in an upscale New York art gallery, enjoying a tannic Cabernet and listening to Christ's greatest dance anthems.

Also, something I'd eaten had pretty strongly disagreed with my lower intestine, so what really happened was that I had the dubious distinction of getting severe diarrhoea, surrounded by Russian art in one of New York's trendiest museums, while a British musician with bad teeth swayed to the Holy Son's best efforts, and impatient Upper East Siders drunk on cheap red wine banged on the bathroom door.

Ironically, by the way, I'd give Mike Skinner an 8 or a 9, but doesn't he just know it?


At 7/11/05 16:53, Blogger pepsi said...

Gosh, an 11 out of 10! I live a mile from his house and never bumped into him (or was I just too wasted?)...


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