October 12, 2005


I was watching Jeopardy over dinner (as is my custom), and this week is "Back to School" week— so all the contestants are ten years old.

One of the questions showed a picture of Madonna and asked who it was. Not a single one of those kids had any idea.

Ha! Take that, Madonna!

Also, how bizarre it is that I still instantly remember the name of the protagonist from Where The Wild Things Are, despite not having read it for about fifteen years? What other pointless minutiae are still hidden away in my head, I wonder?


At 13/10/05 11:17, Anonymous Cristina said...

What I love most about Back to School Jeopardy is that, for once, I get more questions right than some of the contestants. Yes, I know they're 10 years younger than I am. Don't piss on my parade.

PS When we play Team Trivial Pursuit at the cottage, I shotgun you for my team. Can we be The Material Conditions?

At 13/10/05 12:09, Blogger Andrew said...

Only if I can play the whole game with a piece of pie wedged up my nose. And possible elsewhere.

Also, I think 'The Species Beings' would be an equally geeky team name.

At 14/10/05 05:49, Anonymous Marc said...

Those minutiae better be pointless or else they might poke a hole in one of your neurons! Wa wah!


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