October 27, 2005

Your 'Liberal' Media Bias At Work!

Featuring more from the 'Seen on Netscape' department:


1. The American flag is a nice touch, awkwardly shoved into the foreground. Where is it coming from? It almost looks like somebody else is trying to hug the soldier from behind-- but we don't ask about those sorts of things in the military.

2. Ah, the touching embrace of love. They're even smiling! Notice the implication: this soldier is willing to defend his country, even if it means leaving behind his hot young wife. So why is his wife's employer being such a douchebag? Because he hates America! (The woman was fired from her no-benefits, no-paid-leave job for saying she'd be back at work on Monday and not coming back to work until Tuesday. While this is lamentable, it reveals more about the horrendous working conditions that lower-class Americans have to endure, than it does about her employer's lack of patriotism.)

3. This is actually my favourite part: the couple shown here is in their twenties, whereas in actual fact the soldier in question is forty-five, and his wife is forty! The couple also has three grandchildren, which I think makes it even sadder that he is having to leave home-- but where's the discussion of the government depriving large, lower-class families of their main source of income? Where's the discussion of sending a forty-five year old man to the middle of the desert?

4. And finally, the headline, which implies this: "Man supports country, gets screwed over for his efforts." Of course, the actual story goes like this: "Man shipped to New Jersey, from where his unit will "soon" be deployed to Iraq. In an unrelated story, his wife is fired for not turning up to work when she said she would."



1. There's an American flag here, too, but notice how it's darker, out of focus, in the background, and cropped out as far as possible. Also, it wasn't deliberately inserted into the picture (like above), but was rather an incidental part of the background. And besides...

2. ...Boy, does Kerry look unhappy to be standing in front of it! Not only does he look unhappy, he looks positively evil, as if plotting his next purchase of flimsy summer footwear. Now, come on: this man ran for President! There must be thousands of pictures they could have used here-- so why choose the one where he's doing a Bond villain impression?

3. This headline is about as glib and misleading as the last. A more accurate (and equally succinct) headline would read like this: "Kerry: Begin troop withdrawal soon." The senator's suggestion is that the huge military presence in Iraq is causing unnecessary tension between the US and Iraqis, who quite rightly feel a little put upon; therefore, he argues, a gradual withdrawal of troops, contingent on successful elections in December, would help to dampen the insurgency. He's not saying we should just bring home all (or even a lot) of troops now (only about 12.5% of them, in December), and he's certainly not saying, as an RNC spokesperson would have you believe, that he believes "ignoring the presence of terrorists is the best policy for the safety of America."

Yay, critical consumption of media messages! Now, if only I could get anybody to read my blog.


At 28/10/05 08:19, Anonymous Cristina said...

I'd say he looks less "evil" and more "sleepy..."

See you tonight!!!!

At 1/11/05 10:00, Blogger extraspecialbitter said...

I think he looks like he just took a huge bong hit, but that's not important now.

You've done very clear, concise job of showing that the so-called "liberal" American media is often little more than a right-wing propaganda tool.

At 5/6/10 00:20, Anonymous Anonymous said...

lol Fucking Conservatard. Jesus is rotting in the ground, bro.


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