November 22, 2005

Annals of Dipshittery, Part 1

Tuesdays have emerged this term as my "get nothing done" days, thanks to class, improv, and post-improv shenanigans insisted upon by Gil. Today's even worse because after that I have the Sociology Students' Association fun night-- so I really have no free time from 2:30pm onwards.

But I was feeling enterprising so after my first class this morning I rushed home to do some laundry ('enterprising' really means 'out of clean underwear'). About fifteen minutes after my load in the washing machine was supposed to have finished, I entered the laundry room and was somewhat bewildered to see both washing machines still running with a full timer, and my clothes nowhere in sight.

"Is that still running?" I asked, perplexed, to the other guy in the room.

He stared at me with a feckless look on his face for a few seconds, then finally let the following sentence lumbering out of his mouth:

"Oh, shit, man. I'm, sorry. I didn't, even, check, if there, was, anything, in there."

Anyway, long story short, I had to spend ten minutes wringing out the three towels (God, why did I have to be washing towels? Damn you, towels, and your cursed absorbency!) that were in there, not to mention everything else, and loaded them into the dryer, where, 80 minutes later, my clothes are still soaking wet.

And do you know what I really can't get over? When I went back to add extra time to the dryer, the same guy whose boneheaded incompetence caused all these problems in the first place, actually GLARED at me for monopolizing the dryer! I mean, fuck! I'm sorry if I'm inconveniencing you, dipshit, and I know you're probably running late for your Moron Club meeting, but don't glare at me because YOU got MY clothes wet.



At 22/11/05 18:00, Blogger Zosja said...

that's funny funny shit
I am still laughing in full vocals

so thaaaat's what 'enterprising' means...

and the rest... Moron Club meeting and everything else...


if not with the humour, we'd never be naturally selected to our level...

Damn, I wish I got to see your improv theatre...

At 23/11/05 15:37, Blogger Andrew said...

If you think that was funny, you should try going to the Moron Club's annual picnic. Man, those guys are ridiculous.


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