November 20, 2005

He's Very Enterprising

From Netscape Celebrity: Shatner Wants to Sell Kidney Stone

"WILLIAM SHATNER is hoping to persuade medics who removed his kidney stone to hand it over so he can sell it on auction site eBay."

He claims it will become the 'ultimate piece of Star Trek memorabilia'-- clearly overlooking the remnants of Leonard Nimoy's now infamous botched circumcision.

I can't decide if this is creepy, disgusting, or both.

By the way:


At 20/11/05 02:38, Blogger Gil said...


You Spock...'s foreskin.

At 20/11/05 18:05, Blogger Sean said...

You have much cooler handwriting than me.

At 21/11/05 20:36, Blogger Andrew said...

Are you kidding me, Sean? I have the most boring handwriting ever!


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