November 02, 2005

Is Nothing Sacred?!

Jesus. It's bad enough that I had to turn on that irritating word verification on my comments, to avoid automated spam-bots leaving advertisements. Now there's apparently a real-life, blood-sucking marketing asshole out there, personally leaving adverts in my comments section (probably more than one, actually, especially if this is any indication).

Well, two can play the internet abuse game, so I'd just like to say a few random words now, that have no relation to anything:

racist Nazi bigoted evil homophobic evil racist supremacist bigots.

Have your own fun with Google! Just copy, amend with your own adjective, and paste the following code on to your own webpage/blog/etc.:

<a href="">[---your adjective here---]</a>.


At 4/11/05 00:25, Blogger Gil said...

It looks like the media is noticing your plight!

Baby Killers beware!

At 7/11/05 22:37, Blogger Andrew said...

I like that 'web log' became 'blog', and 'spam blog' has now become 'splog'. What will happen when splogs start peddling porn, too? 'Splorns'? Or when splogs start distributing malicious code? 'Splogruses'?

Man, the internet is so COOL.


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