November 17, 2005

My New Baby

I am now the proud owner of an iMac G5. As I understand it, the standard practice nowadays is to give my progeny its own blog. I don't think I'll be doing that (like I don't spend enough time blogging!), but several people have already expressed a wish to abuse our friendship and come over purely to ogle and/or drool on it, so if you'd like to join in, feel free.

Funny story: so, buy my computer, bring it home, unpack it from the box, am quivering with excitement.... And realise that the crappy, crappy management in my building didn't put any three-pronged sockets in my room. So I had to go out and buy a 30-foot extension cord to run out into the living room where there are three-pronged sockets. Hoorah industry standards!

Also, the AirPort wasn't working in my room, so I had a gander on Google and discovered that the "Interference Robustness" option in AirPort preferences, which is completely undocumented but certainly sounds like it would help the problem, has actually been the thing causing all my AirPort problems since I moved in. Apparently all it does is increase the sensitivity of the antenna so that other signals aren't accidentally picked up, but in so doing reduces the overall range significantly. Turned it off, and now the wireless is working beautifully.

And now, I'm late for class, as usual.


At 22/11/05 12:54, Blogger Benjamin said...

Blogs are good for language skills.


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