November 30, 2005

'Saint No Joke

I should probably be saving such gold material for a comic strip, but...

Adrienne's writing her final paper for her sociology theory class. She's supposed to be comparing Emile Durkheim and Georg Simmel, and asked for advice. I suggested she start by listing their Simmel-arities, which I think we can all agree was probably the most helpful thing I could have said.


Today was Saint Andrew's day, which is obviously significant to me for more than one reason. So, uh, happy, somewhat belated Saint Andrew's Day.


At 1/12/05 07:53, Anonymous Cristina said...

Ha! Simmel-arities! That's comic gold.
Quick, come up with something for my Chaucer paper. It's due in 5 hours. Go!

At 1/12/05 10:33, Blogger Andrew said...

Did you know that Chaucer hardly ever told the truth? People called him a Lying Chaucer.

Guh, terrible. Chaucer doesn't sound like anything. Still, I guess you really need a pun, fast, and beggars can't be Chaucers.

I'm sorry. I don't work well under pressure.


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