December 12, 2005

Butter Nut

I went to see Good Night, and Good Luck with my cousin today. The story was both fascinating and moving, but the cinema-fied elements seemed so limp and tacked on, I think I would rather have just watched a documentary about it. Of course, then we wouldn't have been able to gaze upon George Clooney's lovely visage, so maybe it's just as well.

Anyway, I had a point.

I bought some popcorn and, as I did so, the girl behind the counter asked: "Would you like any Bay Cell Top Pyongyang That?"

"I'm sorry, what?"

I got it the second time: "Would you like any Becel topping on that?"

Why do they think that the greasy goop they're about to slather all over your popcorn will sound more appealing when they specify that it is not, in fact, butter? They may as well ask if I'd like any butter-like chemical by-product on my food. Ick.

I'm not getting nearly as much work done here I was hoping, and though I am thoroughly enjoying my family's company, would furthermore really just like to get back to Montreal. My bed there is more comfortable and I have many productive things I could be doing while tipsy and procrastinating. Oh well.


At 12/12/05 22:26, Anonymous dustin said...

I bet you Becel paid them money to call it that...


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