December 03, 2005

He Was A Muppet, Right?

I went to Bifteck with some of the cool cats from the Sociology Students' Association last night, and had the following, thoroughly bizarre conversation with Aziza, the SSA president, after a guy stopped to say hello to us:

Her: What's his name, again?
Me: Richie.
Her: Richie?
Me: Yeah, you know, as in 'Richie Cunningham'.
Her: [blank look] Who's Richie Cunningham?
Me: From Happy Days.
Her: [blank look] What's Happy Days?
Me: [rub eyes with amazement] You don't know what Happy Days is?
Her: No.
Me: The Fonz? Have you heard of the Fonz?
Her: The who?
Me: [jaw drops] The Fonz? Fonzie?! You don't know who Fonzie is?!?!
Her: [getting slightly scared now] Um.... no?
Me: Come on... 'Heeeeey!' [pointing fingers at her and winking]
Her: [shrugs shoulders] Sorry. No idea.
Me: [world crumbles]

My mind is still reeling.


At 5/12/05 12:46, Blogger b.e.r said...

oh man i would LOVE to see your redition of the fonz.

i bet it's freaky good. hahaha


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