December 21, 2005

Oh, Beeb, You're So "Impartial"

I'm sure these quotation marks are not supposed to sound mean and sarcastic, but boy, do they!

Thanks to everybody who sent me warm birthday wishes, despite my petulance. You're all wonderful. (Though, Mariana, Edinburgh isn't actually the city of my birth, only my childhood. By birth I'm a dirty Sassenach.)

I saw five hours of daylight today.


At 21/12/05 20:23, Anonymous alice said...

Happy yesterday, yo! Do you always get lots of "combination" Christmas and birthday presents from friends and cheap wads?

At 22/12/05 04:41, Blogger Andrew said...

No, my friends just don't give me Christmas presents, period. :-)

At 22/12/05 09:51, Anonymous Adrienne said...

I did! I gave you a present for each holiday! So you could say "most of my friends." :)

At 24/12/05 02:55, Anonymous Mariana said...

My birthday present to you will be to forgive you for pretending to be Scottish.

I'm not getting you a Christmas present because I want you to think I'm your friend.


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