December 13, 2005

Things I Love About My Toronto Family

There are still adolescent boys living at home, here, which means I get to engage in the sort of sub-witty banter that I secretly love but am too 'mature' to do with my friends. Example:

[15-year-old cousin] Mike: Don't worry, mom, I already did my math homework.
Me: Yeah, but did you do your GAY homework, Mike?
Mike: Um, no, did you do your SHUT UP homework?

I also get to drive my aunt's SUV from time to time, during which I always entertain myself by singing the 'Canyonero' song ad nauseam.

Sigh. Life is so much simpler when you're mentally thirteen.


At 13/12/05 23:03, Blogger Andrew said...

"Me: Yeah, but did you do your GAY homework, Mike?"

After saying that, I noticed, rather ironically, that the book I've been reading all weekend in preparation for my upcoming exam is called:

The Unfinished Revolution: Social Movement Theory and the Gay and Lesbian Movement.


(It's a really interesting book, by the way, I'd highly recommend it.)

(Yes, I totally just commented on my own post. I am super-cool.)

At 14/12/05 00:02, Anonymous Anonymous said...

you ARE super-cool.



At 14/12/05 15:40, Anonymous Cristina said...

The real question is, did you finish your mom's homework?

Ha! Point Markham.

At 14/12/05 19:59, Blogger Andrew said...

No, I didn't. I was too busy SCORING with YOUR mom.

Advantage, Ladd. Heh-heh-heh.


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