December 27, 2005

We're Ready For You, Ms. Dion

It would actually be a lot easier to write this blog if nobody read it. I can't bitch about my day without potentially offending people, I can't go into personal detail about my life without potentially offending people and/or embarrassing myself, I can't attack half-ton men without offending people... Hell, I can't even really complain about potentially offending people without potentially offending people, though I can't stress enough that this is not a jab directed at any person in particular-- I'm just feeling generally frustrated because I can't come up with anything to write about.

At least such rigourous self-censorship acts as a sieve to catch all the boring personal detritus that nobody really wants to read about, anyway. I mean, I know it would make ME feel better to bitch about my day, but it probably wouldn't be that interesting.

It's been almost two weeks since Alison and I broke up, though considering we were 'on a break' (*shudder*, I wish there was a less Friends-ish way to say that) for another two weeks before that, it's actually closer to a month that we've been apart-- which is pretty hard to believe. Under normal circumstances if I had gone a month with this little contact with her, I would be a complete mess, and the fact that I am only a partial mess is a testament only to how supportive and wonderful my friends and family have been. Also, a testament to the curative power of alcohol, to wit:

More, hopefully, in the next few days.


At 28/12/05 02:24, Anonymous Adrienne said...

Andrew, can I get you drunk enough to do that again? Please?! I miss you - looking forward to seeing you in two weeks or so.

At 28/12/05 07:52, Blogger Andrew said...

Sure, if you're paying!

At 28/12/05 12:19, Anonymous Anonymous said...

Aw, it's like you're Kate Winslet and that blond guy is Leonardo Dicaprio/the deck of the Titanic. Oh, if he also made nude pencil sketches of you those would be appropriate things to self-censor.
May your crotch-muffins be warm and plentiful.

At 28/12/05 12:43, Anonymous Anonymous said...

who is that hot guy lifting you up andrew?

At 28/12/05 17:37, Anonymous Anonymous said...

Human caber toss, eh? This is why my ancestors left the Auld Country.


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