January 23, 2006

Back To The Classics

Seen— you know it!— on Netscape:

Whoa! That is one sex tape the internet can keep, as far as I'm concerned.


Is it wrong that I care more about watching 24 tonight than I do about the election results?


I really do love my capoeira class, if for no other reason than the comedic stylings of our instructor. One of the big rules of capoeira is not to look at the floor, because it makes you lose your balance— something I was apparently doing today. So she shouts over at me: "Hey, you, Scotland guy! [this is what she always calls me— I'm not convinced she knows my real name] Why are you looking at the floor?! There's a pretty girl in front of you, you should be looking at her instead!"

What I want to know is, why can't the lecturers at McGill be like that?


Actually, Will Ferrell doing the President is pretty funny.


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