January 01, 2006

Brave New Year, Same Old Jokes

Has anybody noticed the uncanny resemblance between Chief Rabbi Sir Jonathan Sacks, and iSteve iJobs?

I'd make a joke about this, but I fear I would only be contributing to the 'anti-Semitic tsunami' that is sweeping the globe and leaving in its wake nothing but over-used tropes and, presumably, some very wet Jewish people.

My God, I am so tired of people making tsunami references. I'd like to think that anti-Semitism is a serious enough problem that we shouldn't have to resort to lowest-common-denominator media buzzwords to bring it into a public forum.

And, on that note...

Happy Tsunami New Year!


At 1/1/06 09:15, Blogger Sean said...

we are going to DESTROY YOU

At 2/1/06 11:05, Anonymous Anonymous said...

Under the picture of Sacks is the word "Jobs" and under the picture of "Jobs" is Sacks. Perhaps you got the tsunamis-- I mean, two names -- mixed up.


At 2/1/06 11:07, Anonymous Anonymous said...

Also, congratulations to Judaism for finally picking a chief rabbi. Take it from a Roman Catholic - having a grand poobah is awesome; you never know what he's going to say next!



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