January 09, 2006


From Netscape Autos: What Would the Devil Drive?

I'm not really sure what this article is about.

"Everyone has an opinion about the kind of car that Jesus might drive..."

Best introductory sentence, ever.

"... But what about the big red guy?"

Santa Claus?

The author then goes on to list five cars which the devil 'would' drive, complete with 'quotes' from Satan, for no apparent reason. I just... Am I missing something? I cannot grasp why this article has been written. Is it cool to drive a car like Satan? Does it make you more manly? Was the article written to offend Christians? Or to let them know what cars they really shouldn't go near? Is it supposed to be funny? Why does Satan hate Lance Armstrong? I just don't understand. Please help me.


Andrew vs. happiness, round 2: got through a whole cup of tea without choking today. Do I deserve a medal, or what?


At 10/1/06 00:09, Anonymous Mariana said...

Is the happiness tea from Napier's?!

I can't lie: I had to google the name of that shop, because it completely slipped my mind. Damn you memory!

At 10/1/06 00:30, Blogger Andrew said...

No the tea was from here. From the list of stockists on the website, I suspect my mother bought it at Harvey Nichols.

Perhaps if you didn't lie around letting rats lick your face all the time, your memory would be better. :-)

At 11/1/06 14:10, Anonymous Anonymous said...

I think we all know what Satan really drives......... a Saab!


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