January 15, 2006

Keep On Rollin'

Hot on the heels of my super-exciting (sic) blogroll update the other day, I have now also updated the 'Me, Elsewhere' section. I've removed the link to Aurgasm because, though it be one o' the finest blogs to sail the seven seas, and though I fully intend to start writing for it again at some point (if Paul will have me), I feel it's a little misleading at the moment to claim that I contribute to it, since my last post there was in September.

However, in its place I have added a link to The Underbrush, which is the official name of the rather casual writer's group I attend every week with Stationaery editor and long-time McGill Improv Designated Smoker, Ilya. There you can find some short fiction I've written (gulp) which I suspect will be a first for many of you. You can also find Ilya's rather hilarious summary of my life-- I particularly enjoy being described as having "a double minor in British wit and stylish jackets".

And now, reading, accompanied with a light side order of continued, debilitating muscle ache.


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