January 10, 2006


The latest anonymous comment shit to hit the Google fan is on my post from a few months ago about a certain local politician whose middle name is 'Shady'. Why not go take a look at the flame war I can't seem to stop myself from participating in?


At 10/1/06 11:02, Anonymous Mariana said...

Eek. I feel somewhat responsible for calling you names in jest.

FOR THE RECORD: Andrew is respectful and egalitarian. He has a well-developed wit, and he also enjoys cheesy puns but you gotta give him credit for trying. Anytime you think he is being racist/sexist/offensive, it's because he is making fun of people who actually are racist/sexist/jerks, thereby showing how stupid those mindsets are.

And if he is ever expressing an actual opinion you don't agree with, for goodness' sake people it's his blog!

At 10/1/06 12:38, Blogger Andrew said...

Oh, don't be silly-- I'm sure Mr High-and-Mighty would have put his two cents in with or without you calling me an ignorant racist (which, for the record, I found hilarious).

Thanks for defending me, too. I guess this makes you an ignorant racist as well.

At 10/1/06 16:33, Blogger Sean said...

hey hey - you've got something else to complain about! new iMacs!


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