January 03, 2006

Where's A Time Machine When You Need One?

For Christmas, I bought my 11-year-old brother the Back To The Future trilogy on DVD, because it was at about his age when I first saw and was overjoyed by my first BTTF movie.

Tonight (because he's been in Italy), I gave him said present, and watched with eager anticipation as he opened it.

"Back to the Future?" he said. "What's Back to the Future?"

"You know what?" I replied. "I know a chick who's never heard of the Fonz who you'd get along just great with."

Actually, I didn't say that. I just cried quietly on the inside, as my world crumbled around me, again.

Man oh man oh man, do I feel old all of a sudden.


At 4/1/06 06:36, Blogger sean said...

You look old, too!

Did I mention that Fonz story was one of the most hilarious things I've read in a while? It was.

At 4/1/06 07:30, Blogger Andrew said...

Thanks, Sean...

By the way, what are everybody's opinions on joke etiquette in a blog? When I'm making a callback to an earlier post, should I link to that post while doing so, so that new readers can 'get it'? Or is that bad form?

Be warned, your views may or may not appear in a sociology paper, now or at any point in the future.

At 4/1/06 11:53, Anonymous Anonymous said...

I say no link back. The possibility that someone might not get a joke about someone else not getting a joke about the Fonz is like perfect, universe collapsing symetry.

At 4/1/06 12:11, Anonymous Anonymous said...

You tell jokes in your blog?

At 4/1/06 12:34, Blogger Andrew said...

You'll have to excuse Mariana, she is too simple to appreciate the high-brow and witty jokes I make on my blog. As is HER MOM.


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