February 01, 2006

France, Germany, Defend Right To Be Jerks

From ABC News: Newspapers Republish Muhammad Caricatures

French quotidienne France Soir today re-ran the series of caricatures of the prophet Muhammad that have recently been causing a global furore, saying:

"The appearance of the 12 drawings in the Danish press provoked emotions in the Muslim world because the representation of Allah and his prophet is forbidden. But because no religious dogma can impose itself on a democratic and secular society, France Soir is publishing the incriminating caricatures."

The editorial added, "The French don't need to respect other cultures and religions... What are they going to do, riot?"

The caricatures include a particularly insulting drawing in which the prophet is depicted wearing a turban shaped like a bomb, which German newspaper Die Welt very sensitively chose to print on their front page, arguing that a "right to blasphemy" is anchored in democratic freedoms. Of course, that bunch of Jew-hating Nazis certainly have no history of radical, fringe ideologies being misconstrued as representative of their culture as a whole, and so are completely unaware of how offensive it can be.

Well, France, Germany, I fucking applaud you for standing up for democracy. At least you had the good sense not to do so by, oh, I don't know, aggravating a global cultural tension that has already cost thousands of lives on both sides? Bravo.


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