February 27, 2006

I'll Quebecking You

Holla, peeps, I be back in blogtown...

Sadly, I have a midterm tomorrow for which I have yet to start studying, so I will refrain from discussing my trip to Vancouver, for now, except to transcribe this conversation I heard on the radio on the way to the airport this morning. Bear in mind the entire exchange was carried out in cheerful, hyperbolic radio presenter voice:

DJ One: Everyone is touched by cancer.
DJ Two: Yes, everybody has to deal with cancer at some point in their lives. Who doesn't know someone who's had a friend or family member with cancer?
DJ One: Two of my immediate family members are dealing with cancer.
DJ Two: It's very prevalent. How many people get cancer now? Is it one in three?
DJ One: One in three, yeah, I think so. You're in a room with four people, one of them is going to get cancer.
DJ Two: I'm going to get cancer. I can feel it.

Remarkably, Mournful Morning with 'Big' Jake and 'Sunshine' Sally remains one of Vancouver's most popular radio shows among commuters.


At 28/2/06 23:28, Anonymous Anonymous said...

"I'll Quebecking you..."

I'll keep backing you?

I'll quit baking you?


At 28/2/06 23:59, Blogger Andrew said...

Ha-ha, I broke Chris's brain!

It was a reference to my previous post, pre-British Columbia, which was titled 'I'll BCing You'. Upon returning to Quebec, the obvious choice was 'I'll Quebecking You'— no pun intended.

At 2/3/06 20:04, Anonymous Anonymous said...

None taken.



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