March 13, 2006

Andrew's Patented Blog-Like Rants, In Print!

I sent an irate letter to the McGill Tribune last week, and was tickled a manly shade of pink to find, today, that it had been upgraded to a 'Guest Soap' article in the opinion section. Check it out here.

Ah, this takes me back. Back to my pre-blog days (yes, you heard) when I restricted my rants to twice-monthly columns in Emerson College's Berkeley Beacon— still immortalised, for all to see, thanks to the magic of the internet. Par exemple... "Yuppie Bitch Woman".

It was all about the story, back then. The story, and, uh... the women and drugs. (And, yes, by 'women and drugs', I mean quesadillas and root beer from the diner above the Beacon's "meeting space".)


Edit: Yuppie Bitch link should work now.


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