March 20, 2006

Dancing Gene, Feel The Beat...

From Netscape Men: Surprising No. 1 Way to Attract Women

And this month's prize for the most poorly written media article about a scientific study goes to...

"Guys, you just have to learn to dance, and the women will be flocking to you! it's almost a guarantee.

Men who know how to dance will not only attract more women, but also more desirable women . . . Why? It turns out that a man's dips, spins, twirls and glides may be telegraphing to women their genetic superiority . . . This latest study is the first time the effects of dance on human courtship have been verified by science."

By SCIENCE! Well, the article says 'science', but it was done by a professor in the anthropology department at Rutgers, and we all know that anthropology isn't really a science, ZING!

Also, I don't know about genetic superiority, but men are definitely telegraphing something to women on the dance floor, DOUBLE ZING!

"Using motion capture technology, the researchers were able to isolate the movements of 183 Jamaican teenagers . . . Teens were asked to choose a romantic partner based on his or her dance moves.

The results: The teenagers chose partners who were the best dancers and as it turned out, these people were also genetically superior."

Whoa! They were Aryans?! Jamaican Aryans?! That is WILD!

I'm feeling very silly today, can you tell?


At 20/3/06 18:21, Anonymous Mariana said...

It took me a second, but when I got the Aryans joke I really did laugh out loud. Yay for feeling silly!


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