March 05, 2006

Posh Spice

I had planned to write an entire post about my day trip to Victoria, but realised, after writing about the Royal BC Museum, that we didn't do much else. So apologies if this isn't too exciting.

Dustin and I took took a ferry to Vancouver Island that could only be described as bitchin'. Comfy seats, big windows letting in the sun, nice decor, flat panel TVs, and, yes, a Starbucks onboard. It actually arrived into Swartz Bay, which is about 45 minutes on the bus from Victoria, but I didn't mind-- it was a double-decker bus, which reminded me of home, and the drive was a scenic one. On the ferry, Dustin had picked up a 'Map Free of Victoria' (thankfully only a name, or it wouldn't have been much use), so we tried to pick a few things to do during the afternoon. Unfortunately, Victoria doesn't have a whole lot to offer except the museum, Miniature World (a museum of dioramas), and The Original Christmas Village (a four-storey, year-round, Christmas ornaments store), none of which sounded too appealing. We asked ex-McGill Improv member Alex, who lives in Victoria now, what there was to do there that's fun. He replied that it depended what we meant by fun. Perhaps this gives you some idea of what the town is like.

Alex met us off the bus and took us to lunch at some popular local diner-ish place, where the food was huge and the staff creepily friendly (the waitress referred to all three of us, collectively, as 'babe'). It had a whole lot of crazy crap on the walls-- a strange mixture of sports paraphernalia, movie posters, pictures of celebrities, and a giant Malcolm X poster. My favourite part was the captions on the pictures of celebrities (as if we don't know who Arnold Schwarzenegger is), including this printed underneath the photograph of David Beckham: "English penalty kicker." Not 'English football player', or even 'English soccer player'. I couldn't work out if they thought all he did was take penalties, or if it was a bitchy jab at the fact that he totally missed a crucial penalty kick at Euro 2004.

After the museum we strolled around a little, browsed through a wonderful independent bookstore, spent some time warming up in a coffeeshop, and finally hit up Victoria's "Chinatown" for dinner (quotation marks used to suggest that 'Chinablock' would be more appropriate). Dustin and I were both pretty exhausted from our early start to catch the ferry, so we decided to forego Victoria's rocking nightlife and instead took some beer back to Alex's apartment and played games until I fell asleep on the couch.

I think this will be all I write about my trip. Snowboarding was fun but uneventful, and I doubt I could write a whole post about Dustin, much though I enjoyed seeing him. Suffice to say, we drank a lot of beer, had a lot of fun, and probably got mistaken for a gay couple at least once (I mean, really, who other than gay couples have brunch in a Cuban restaurant while sharing a newspaper?).

So, this week, back to my pithy editorials on obscure news stories.


At 6/3/06 05:32, Anonymous dustin said...

> I doubt I could write a whole post about Dustin

Dude, you should be writing books about me.


At 6/3/06 22:07, Blogger Andrew said...

Don't worry, Dustin, I'm sure someone will, someday...

At 7/3/06 00:29, Blogger Billy Ruffian said...

Andrew, thank you for offering to email me a couple of the Vaganza monologues. I eagerly accept your most excellent proposal.

Please send a copy to:

My junk mail filter is pretty high, so send it with a familiar subject please, like Vaganza, or McGill Improv.

Thanks alot!



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