March 28, 2006


So, I finally got my replacement keyboard for my iMac, today, and it's working just great (as the presence of all these spaces and apostrophes will attest to). There was one, slight snafu on my part, however.

See, I'm living in Canada, bought my computer in Canada, had to create a brand new Apple ID based in Canada for the support process-- so when it came to selecting what type (no pun intended) of new keyboard I needed from the drop-down menu on the website, I naturally chose 'Canadian'. Unfortunately (as I probably should have guessed at the time), to an American company like Apple, 'Canadian' means 'French'-- so now I have a slightly funky-looking keyboard with an 'É' key instead of a '?' key, an 'È' instead of an apostrophe key, and pictograms on all the non-character keys.

Now, none of that is really a problem because I can touch type so it doesn't matter what is on the keys as long as they're all in the same place. But they're not! So not only can I not touch type perfectly, when something doesn't work properly I need to open up my keyboard viewer so I can work out what key I'm supposed to be pressing.

This might seem like acute story, but really it was a grave mistake on my part. Nyuk nyuk.


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