March 01, 2006

The Two Lowest Forms Of Wit

Whoa, whoa, whoa-- there are two Ushers? Now that is one dance-off I would like to see.


Gil's post over on Sillytech reminded me of an article I read in the Vancouver Sun over the weekend. It was an opinion piece by one Pete McMartin, about how the word 'fuck' dominates our society, especially among the younger generations (well, I assume it was the word 'fuck'— whatever it was, the Sun has a policy of printing only 'f---'):

"Profanity free-wheels through the Internet, has become a staple of comedy and— as for being literally part of the fabric of Western culture— is now even the stuff of T-shirts, where you wear the swear. (Consider, too, one clothier's logo, whose use of the sly acronym "FCUK" is, I would suggest, a hip wink...)"

Oh, you would suggest that, would you? Gosh, Pete McMartin, you are such a canny observer of the culture of 'the youth'! You have broken into our inner circle, discovered our deepest secrets, ransacked our Temple of Doom!

Good God, he's only one tiny step away from discovering that we're sometimes sarcastic. What are we going to do?


At 1/3/06 19:22, Anonymous ddog said...

Let's fuck him up.


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