April 11, 2006


So, I know I already did my post about being done with school, but today I am ACTUALLY done with school-- no more classes to go to, no more exams to sit, no more papers to write. All that stands between me and a degree is handing in my thesis tomorrow and walking across a stage in June.

Also, today, my friend Eileen is coming to visit (she was supposed to get here around 8 or 9pm, but didn't think she needed her passport to cross the Canadian border so had to wait around in Port Authority for her parents to fax her a copy of her birth certificate, instead). She probably won't arrive until 2 or 3am, so I've got LOTS of time to blog...

I haven't seen Eileen since I lived in Boston, and even then not since the beginning of my sophomore year. We had a nightly engagement to watch the midnight episode of the Simpsons, which was about as college as I've ever been. We always watched in her room, because even though she disliked her roommate enough to switch rooms halfway through the semester, she disliked my roommate even more (ever since he creeped her the hell out by kinda sorta sexually harassing her one night).

Anyway, seeing her is going to be a real blast from the past, made all the more intense by the fact that she's going to be driving down to Boston with me and Maryam this weekend. I planned the trip to coincide with the screening of my friend Chris's directorial debut, at which I imagine I am going to see about fifty Emerson kids who I haven't thought about in three years. Chris and I also had a regular engagement at Emerson-- I would always think about how much I wanted to hang out with him and then tell myself I wasn't cool or funny enough to do so.

Actually, our regular engagement involved playing NBA Jam on his second-hand Sega Genesis, so it's kind of weird that I'm going to be seeing him again now, having just bought myself a PlayStation2 and a copy of the Sonic Super Happy Mega Collection Plus (or something similarly Asian-sounding). I think the universe is trying to send me signals that I left Boston a little prematurely.

I have been considering moving back there next year, especially since my chances of getting into grad school are getting smaller every day (I know! What the hell is up with that? I mean, I killed myself keeping my GPA at 3.94 while at McGill, and for what? Rejected from grad school, rejected as valedictorian... I ask you, what is a high GPA good for if not for those two things? All employers are going to look at is whether or not I have a degree, and, as they used to say at Emerson: 'D spells Degree'.) Anyway, I'm not exactly sure what I'd do in Boston, and I really only have two or three friends there now, but it would at least be an easier move than London, which is my other possible destination for next year.

I like the idea of London because, speaking of the universe sending me signs, five of my favourite people in the whole wide world will be converging upon London next year, so I'd be in very good company. Then again, I'd also be in London, the city I've always claimed to hate and sworn never to live in. I'd feel like kind of a sell-out.

Incidentally, as I left my last exam today, my stats professor told me I probably should sell out-- I can make a lot more money doing market research than being an academic. Of course, he's a little cynical.

It's a strange, strange world.


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